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So my birthday is tomorrow

And I don't really have any of my friends on here anymore

Like most of my friends will be like "Happy birthday amigo" or "Happy birthday!"

And they would give me gifts to show were still friends

I'm not acting like anything but I just like to point this out 100%

Most of my friends left sudo and deviantART

I miss the old earily days of here and sudomemo

Now all of those days are gone

And most of my friends even forgot my birthday... Sad

I have my family but I might just get abuse for my birthday

I'm kinda sad right now to be honest

This account is dead,my Gmail is dead,my YouTube is dead

Where did I go wrong?....
Me:Hey mom :D
Me:Tuesdays my birthday :D

Mom:(Rages as she starts to explode)

Me:Hey mom so just in case you have all this money I was gonna ask can you get me a laptop and maybe a few games?


Me:Mom you just promised me you can get me a phone and some games a few days ago


Me:You know you can stop lying you know


Me:"Starts to feel bad about my self and who I am so I go be depressed"
So on Sunday my mother said she was gonna get me a laptop then now I told her about the laptop I was gonna get tomorrow and she said "FAT ASS I DIDNT SAY I WAS GONNA GET YOU ONE!" Guess I won't get one

And if I did get one I could be active on DeviantART again but im not
Welp the Pokemon Virus/Disease has finally gotten to me

Guess now I am officially a Pokemon fan now horray....Guys...guys come on...HELP ME
Should I get the new 3ds or just keep my new 3dsxl?
Three years later...Rest peacefully Skitty~San you will always be remembered

I wish I already knew you before so i can support you

I know it's been already three years but

Rest in peace :iconskittyhatena:
To much photoshop max! (NOT RACIST OKAY!!!!)
Returning fully you guys!!!!!


Update:Okay guys just to let you know im against racism so just to tell you GUYS THIS IS NOT RACIST I WAS TRYING TO BE FUNNY TO SHOW MY POSITIVE SIDE!!!!!!

So plz this isn't racist
New 3ds flipnote
Here's a bundle that will never exist

Like anyone gives a shit about my art anymore

not that i'm trying to trigger anyone
On April 24th every site I am on is going to be deactivated  by deleting my Gmail

You all were wonderful

Update: I am changing the date to April 15th because hey why is it so long

I am gonna get it over with


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Im planning on posting my animations on here some time if i get better at making animations

i am currectly a Nintendo Dsi user
:nintendodsi: by BLUEamnesiac

DeviantArt DSi Mode 4 by Drake09
N3DS by loqysha
pixel PSP by silver-escape
Nintendo DSi Stamp: by cucaracha2
2nd stamp! by BunnyFerrit12
Cartoon Network Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Old CN Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox
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I Love Video Games Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox
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And here are my Senpia's (i can have a lotsof senpai XD)

My senpai :iconaltoonsoficial:
My secend senpai :icondskstudios:
My third senpai :iconendycat:
My forth senpai :icongorupos:
My fifth senpai hat is my amigo and that supports me :iconsudomemopinklatias:

My best friends

:iconjpizzleart: :iconsudomemopinklatias: :icondskstudios: :iconleasehart:
:iconlucky02-overmaster: :iconlizzymouse14: :iconkitocatther: :iconentropg:
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:icongusmizer: :iconwildfoxxes: :iconxeeveeflipnotex: :icon0drybones0: :iconcomic-maker

UPDATE August 15 2016:
My other accounts

:iconskatercatleader: :iconcaptianredfox: :iconhappyguy12:

My account accepts Request sometimes ^w^
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i accept
Gay Marriage by Fancy-Tramp LGBT Rights Stamp by JFG107-Stamps

i also accept atheist and lesbiens also gays because my opinion is
that they are human to ^^

Bullying will not be tolerated (If u cyber bully me or my friends you will be blocked)
Against Bullying Stamp by starfire-wolf Treatment Stamp by SailorSolar

Keep your opinions to yourself please ^^

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Mario kart 7

Pokemon mystery dongon gates to infinity :3
flipboy12 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
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Im getting 3ds games ;3
rikuwolf Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
ayee look at you :) I'm 18 haha .. it SUCKS 17 was the best age 
flipboy12 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
im turning 17 soon :3
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