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(Old image from 2013!!!!)
What you see on the old wall of my old home..

These were old art of epicguitar...well some were fanart I don't own

When I was thirteen I was a huge die hard fan of :iconpotoobrigham: when it was two days from the end of seventh grade school

I was on free time so I was able to have access to the computers

I searched up online for my most favorite user

Of course I seen these I admired them a lot because of how awesome these were made

So I decided to photo copy some images and took them home

I was very happy as soon as I got home I put them on my wall in me and my sisters

We didn't have a bigger house money was Strict and right

I put them up and I was happy

Every morning I would wake up and forget that I put them up

Then when I joined DevaintART when I was thirteen I favourites some of the art I found

And of course I watched :iconpotoobrigham: on this site

Then a few things happened

I was sad and mad to be honest I did such a horrible thing to the best artist that inspired me to continue animating

I took all those art down and decided to put them away

Every since I left them in that old house I used to live in

And about a few years later when I went back in 2015...the house was gone it burnt down from teenagers who were trying to get us

I was sad and I was in deep depression

Then I started losing a lot of friends and such back then

And now I still beat my self up for doing that to :iconpotoobrigham:

I was stupid and dumb why did I do that!!!

And now all I do is worry and stay sad and beat my self up for that incident

The art in this image isn't mine they belong to others...

I'm in great depression

I'm sorry but I feel left out I got ditched here all of a sudden that all of my friends left Sudomemo and deviantART

To me I feel like its mostly my fault because of my deep depression and the things I do

It's like no one wants to be around to be around me to be honest

It's like I was suppose to have friends until that moment comes when they decide that I wasn't suppose to be friends with them

And when I go to that site there on I try and talk but I bored some people out until they leave then I leave then the chat goes on

I'm not trying to cause any friends or drama or anything but it's what I think

I think I am to old or not interesting to non of my friends

Is it my abusive life is it how or how I feel

Or is it because I'm different because I think it's that reason

And since I thought of most of my Friends leaving I stayed up one night and tried to fit in with them on discord

But some users I don't talk to much or has talked a lot like


Are here but I doubt that

Like when I post update status no one talks to me anymore

I'm sorry if I did anything wrong
Friends I miss talking to a lot...


And more...
Should I do a live video on YouTube??
Can't wake up

Wake me up inside

Can't wake up

Wake me up inside

SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!

embedded_item1491974794429 by flipboy12
You know what I don't care anymore

Why do you guys want to help me

What's the deal with this

I'm not a friend I'm just a guy that pretends I have friends

Which I don't

I don't know anything about friends or anything

I'm done I hate my family life my stress

I'm a huge failure with no future what so damn ever

RAINTACOS Can fuck off

Epicguitar can fuck off

Every one I don't Care
Oh my god...
The crack has gotten worst

When I get money my mom usually take it

Guess I am gonna have to sell it sadly...
On April 24th every site I am on is going to be deactivated  by deleting my Gmail

You all were wonderful

Update: I am changing the date to April 15th because hey why is it so long

I am gonna get it over with
Guys here are the reasons why im leaving the internet

Guys theres a whole bunch of reasons

1.I can't explain to anyone including my old friends

2.No one will let me explain

3.I get ignored most of the time by posting request,and most of my friends left/Quit

4.I Bored people to death of leaving

5.People mistake me of lying to sensitive,i make bad mistakes

7.i make yiff and non of my friends wont accept it so i quit it

8.My freaking mistakes,The drama i caused,the friends i lost,and those are the ones that wont let me explain

9.My stupid imagination goes wild

10.and im to suicidal and not possitive

11.The movie,i can't think straight with idea's

12.The Hate i got

13.the mistakes with everything

14.i don't make sence just brain dead

16,im to forgotten by so many friends and fans i have/had to 2013ish 

18.i already lied so many times which i didn't

19.i broke promises 

20.i ruined my Flipboy12 name and who i am

all i'll be remembered by is the most confusing depressive useless idiot ever
Hello guys,i just want to imform everyone that i am shutting down my Deviantart on april 24th

You know what fuck it i don't care like no one cares how i feel or how my heart feels
Goodbye photoshop

Hello Paint dot net did you miss me?
Hey guys i'm Back completely

I Know i haven't made digital arts lately its been months,and you know why xD

i'll try and make arts for you all again i'll try and update some of my latest art 
On April 24th every site I am on is going to be deactivated  by deleting my Gmail

You all were wonderful

Update: I am changing the date to April 15th because hey why is it so long

I am gonna get it over with


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Im planning on posting my animations on here some time if i get better at making animations

i am currectly a Nintendo Dsi user
:nintendodsi: by BLUEamnesiac

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And here are my Senpia's (i can have a lotsof senpai XD)

My senpai :iconaltoonsoficial:
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My fifth senpai hat is my amigo and that supports me :iconsudomemopinklatias:

My best friends

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UPDATE August 15 2016:
My other accounts

:iconskatercatleader: :iconcaptianredfox: :iconhappyguy12:

My account accepts Request sometimes ^w^
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i accept
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i also accept atheist and lesbiens also gays because my opinion is
that they are human to ^^

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Keep your opinions to yourself please ^^

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